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Who Are Our Sales & Property Events For? 

  • If you're just starting out in property & are confused about which strategy to use and the best way forward..

  • If you would like to fast track your success & learn from an experienced property investor with over 20 years experience, and a high profile client base to speed up your financial returns...
  • If you want to increase your current property portfolio, but finding the ever-increasing property prices making it difficult…
  • If you want to start your property portfolio, but are finding it difficult to find finance for your first property...
  • If you want to avoid the stress & worry of making common mistakes that newbie & small portfolio property investors make when they start building their property portfolio…
  • If you want to create a lifestyle business for yourself through property…
  • If you want to learn sales and negotiation to 10x your revenue or income..

Why us? 

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our level of expertise in the property market, sales & negotiation can guarantee the highest and most advanced level of education in this field. Not only do we source, sell and negotiate properties full time, but we also teach our students how to do it, we come up with a new business ideas, do joint ventures and much more.

Event Hosts

Jim Carson

Shane Hindocha

Shane personally agreed and signed off over £500m worth of properties. In addition he secured over 1,500 units for investors and worked closely with most of the UK’s national house developers, banks and private vendors before setting up his London-based academy to help individuals and businesses fast-track their success. The common theme in all the businesses he has set up is the ability to negotiate and sell.

Julia Hardy

Carl Hutchings

In the late 1990s, Carl built a large multi-million pound property & business portfolio whilst growing up in one of the toughest parts of London. During that time, he soared to the highest financial heights, transacted in over £25 million worth of deals for both himself and his clients and worked with international companies selling millions of pounds worth of product around the UK.

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