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''Attended a Sourcing Course for the weekend. well worth the money. Also other great information on other investment strategies in regards to real estate. I have now set up my own Sourcing Company with my business partner. Great stuff from Shanes academy.''

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''This is really great course for anyone looking to learn more about Property Investing and Property Sourcing. There is a ton of information covered over the 2-Day Masterclass! The first day is learning about Property Investing and then the second day is all about Property Sourcing. It was a really in-depth course and I learned a lot of new and invaluable information to be able to go off and be confident in my own ability to be able find buyers and source deals. ''

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Our Meetup community has over 1000 members and growing! Property Sourcing, Investing, Sales & Negotiation group (512 Members), London Sales Training (31 Members), London Coaching Group (579 Members).