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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our level of expertise in the property market, sales & negotiation can guarantee the highest and most advanced level of education in this field. Not only do we source, sell and negotiate properties full time, but we also teach our students how to do it, we come up with a new business ideas, do joint ventures and much more.

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Shane Hindocha

''You can probably blindly buy a property in England and as long as you can service your
debt, it is likely to make money over time. The trick is, how do you shorten this period of time in which money is made? How do you find properties that are likely to go up in value
rapidly whilst simultaneously negotiating a discount on these properties?
All you need is a process and a system.''

London-based organisation that trains individuals, companies and corporates how to effectively and efficiently be better in negotiation, property investment, property sourcing and presenting.

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