Start and Scale a Successful Property Business in the UK

Can you really start and scale a successful property business with little cash and no experience?

The short answer is yes.

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Shane Academy

About Shane

Property investment was something I was always interested in. As far as I could see, everyone that had become successful had done so by investing in properties. If they hadn’t & had become successful through other industries, they would then put their money into properties anyway!

So I always knew that my path would meet property investment at some stage. At a young age, I didn’t truly appreciate the value of self-development and training...I certainly couldn’t see how my decisions and actions back then would affect the trajectory of my life in the ways that it did.

I started my property investment journey by accident. I worked in a property investment company in prestigious Mayfair; my first real exposure to the amount of money somebody could earn in this industry. It was only a few years later, after being in the industry for a while, that I wanted a chance to realise my full potential (very much like some of you reading this might be feeling now) by starting my own property business.

I came from a footballing background and due to unforeseen circumstances I picked up an injury that never let me get back to the pitch. Just under a year ago, I was introduced to Shane and from there, I went through his training, mentoring and guidance and the results speak for themselves. I have managed to do a number of sales. The training has changed my life, changed the people around me and changed me as a person. 


In the past I have been a sales consultant, a mortgage broker and a sales director. My results were pretty good. I met with Shane who introduced me to different techniques in selling and presenting. I can safely say that after applying the different techniques that Shane has taken me through, my results have been highly effective and efficient. I would strongly recommend working with Shane.